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Prepared By Janelle Gilbert, September 10, 2013

Williston Troop 692 is a member of the Green Mountain Council # 592, Land of Champs District; and are proudly chartered by the Masons Washington Lodge #3. Eagle rank was first achieved by a Williston teen in 1931. Our Troop was first formally chartered on 7/1/1967.  Many Scouts have achieved Eagle rank in our Troop and are credited below.  It is significant to look at the dates they earned the highest Scouting rank and think of historical events that met their achievement.

A claimant for first Boy Scout troop is Troop #1 of Barre, Vermont in 1909. It was formed in Barre, Vermont by William Foster Milne, who moved to the United States from Aberdeen, Scotland.

In 1907 William Foster Milne, a stonecutter immigrated to Barre, Vermont from Aberdeen, Scotland, where he had been active in the early scouting movement.[22] He is referred as the "First Scoutmaster in America" by Sir Francis Fletcher Vane.  Sir Francis Vane was London Commissioner of Scouts in Baden Powell's organization and also became President of the British Boy Scouts.  In 1909 "Billy" Milne learned of a small group of boys at the First Baptist Church in Barre, who were already members of the Boys Brigade, he offered them an alternative to their routine of marching and drills. By re-organizing into a new "Boy Scout Club" (Troop #1 in the United States) these scouts learned first aid, new outdoor skills and being helpful to others. "Billy" Milne went back to his native Scotland and brought back the books and materials he needed along with a British Charter. By 1910 Barre's Troop #1 joined the Boy Scouts of America.

The first Eagle Scout in Williston was A.M. Dole in 1931.  His Troop of record is Troop #1.  A few other Willston Scouts have earned Eagle in neighboring Troops as noted in the footnotes of the Eagle list.

Williston Troop 692 is active in the community and is a high adventure, deep skill learning, boy led Troop.  Strengthening the community has long been the focus of our Eagle projects, resulting in honoring our Veterans, caring for the environment, helping youth, and supporting our emergency responders. In recent years, the boys of Troop 692 have been deeply involved in efforts to reviving the historic Brennan Barn.

The Williston community knows us for our two annual fundraisers, the Christmas Tree pickup just after the first of the year, and our hot dogs and drinks at the Independence Day Parade. Many parents have stepped forward to guide this Troop.  They serve knowing the skills they invest their time to pass along result in a stronger community in the future.

Eagle Scouts    
Year First name Last name Notes / Eagle Projects
1931 A.M. Dole Troop 1
1960 Douglas Hampstead  
1972 George Dana Baron  
1972 Kenneth Kretzer  
1973 Jeffrey Fazzone Troop 47
1973 Donald Weaver  
1974 David Scott Terry Troop 649
1976 Eric Wildblood  
1981 Douglas Shimel  
1984 Christopher Macaig  
1984 Luis Quiroz, Jr.  
1985 Matthew Engels  
1986 Stephen Edward Jones  
1987 Donald Gaffney II  
1987 Kent Macaig  
1990 James Tessmann II  
1990 Nathan Tessmann   
1992 Kevin Burbank  
1996 Isaac Moran Troop 104
2000 David Scott Parker  
2001 Jeffrey Behun  
2002 James Behun  
2003 Matthew Jaquish  
2003 Sean Beckett  
2003 Jonathan Brooks  
2005 Eric Stern  
2005 Joshua Platt  
2006 Jon-Erik Hopwood  
2006 Lukas Martin  
2007 David Jensen  
2008 Michael Caputo  
2008 Patrick Hollick CVU Press Box
2009 Jeffrey Dumas Veterans Grave Map/Iroquois Dock
2010 Nicholas O'Brien Rossignol Park Benches
2011 William McSalis Library DVD Shelves, Dorothy Ailing Library
2012 Austin Burbank Carpetball, Boys and Girls Club
2012 Philip Sheedy Nature Trail Extension Bridge, WCS
2013 Avery Caterer Williston East Veterans Memorial Kiosk
2013 Ethan Caterer Roof Fire Training, Williston Fire Department
2013 Patrick Sheedy Gazebo Repair & Paint, Williston
2013 Jacob Bauer LAX Benches, CVU
2013 William Karstens Camp Takumta
2014 Max Rieley Ski Program Shelves, WCS
2014 Eli Hark Vegetable Wash Station, VYCC
2014 Max Ryan Built 4 Picnic Tables, VYCC
2015 Thomas Lang Town Library Rugala
2015 Thomas Watson CPR CVU 9th grade & PSA
2016 Hender Dye Mittens Collectors
2016 Phil Hampson Reflection Bench
2016 Zachary Hark LAX Benches at Williston Central School
2016 Ben Cotton Vermont Youth Conservation Corp Farm Cabinet
2017 Mark Lang Ice Rink Benches at Williston Central School
2017 Doug Schmidt PSA Announcement Videos
2017 Noah Gilbert-Fuller Playground benches
2018 Jack ZuWallack Football Camp
2018 Aaron Dempsey

Historic Brick Sidewalk at Old Brick Church

2018 Parker Soares Mud Pond Trail Bridge
2019 James Eustace Mountain Bike Trail Information Kiosk
2019 Micah Rieley Williston Central School Ski Rack
2019 Cole Zuwallack Allen Brook School Picnic Benches
2019 Reid Zuwallack Vermont Youth Conservation Corps Shoe Rack
2020 Jared Kartschoke Planters at Williston Central School
2020 Matthew Yandow Garden benches at UVM Medical Center (Colchester)
2021 Dylan LeBlanc Game boards for Camp Takumta
2021 Jacob Medici

Dog houses for the Human Society

2022 Cassidy Fleming

Diaper Drive (TX dispensary) *VT's 1st Female Eagle Scout

2022 Logan Vaughan

Youth room at Williston Federated Church

2022 James Cusick

Steps and path at Allen Brook Nature Trail

2022 Alec Blevins

Information kiosk for Town Hall Nature Trail

2023 Aiden Blevins

Bat houses for Audubon Society

2023 Brandon Lewis Buddy benches for Richmond Elementary School
2023 Robert Nesbit

Bottle/can drop box for Williston Schools

2023 Thomas Mathon

U.S. Flag retirement drop box at Williston Town Hall


Scout Masters & Senior Patrol Leaders

2023-2024    Maurice Denis / Will Ackerly

2022-2023    Maurice Denis / Jackson Yager & Michael Denis

2021-2022    Maurice Denis / Robert Nesbit

2020-2021    Tony Medici / Aiden Blevins

2019-2020    Tony Medici / Jared Kartschoke

2018-2019    ZuWallack, Randy / Micah Rieley

2017-2018    ZuWallack, Randy / Parker Soares

2016-2017    Hark, Thomas / Noah Gilbert

2015-2016    Hark, Thomas / Mark Lang

2014-2015    Hark Thomas / Phil Hampson & Ben Cotton

2013-2014    Hark, Thomas / Eli hark, Hender Dye, Max Rieley, Max Ryan, Tommy Watson

2011-2012    Watson, Pete / Lang, Thomas, Boutin, Justin

2007-2011    McSalis / Bill, Billy McSalis, Austin Burbank, Who else?

2001-2006    Stewart Martin /

2000-2001    David Beckett /

1999-2000    Phillip Gingrow /